Less waste with Bulkio Connect

Driving with an empty truck, trailer or container is a waste. In the competitive market of bulk transport cost efficiency is key. With Bulkio Connect, preventing empty miles and high costs is finally possible. We can analyze your empty miles and match it to available bulk transports.

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fleet efficiency

profit with
zero investment

Lack of qualified drivers, high operational costs and business expenses, shortage of cargo space, fluctuating demand. How are you going to deal with these challenges? Fleet optimization is the key to success! You can optimise your fleet and earn more without investing large amounts of money.



When you make smart use of your available equipment it results in less impact on our environment (more sustainable use of emissions)

Order insight

Easy shipment tracking, better insights on arrival time (ETA forecasting) and less waiting hours.

Fast payment

Payment within 14 days, instead of 30! 

Hassle free

Execution data is automatically entered into the platform.


Curious how you can get more efficient and sustainable?

We need three months data to get your insights. We understand your data is confidential. Our data protection document is legally protecting all shared data.

  • 3 month analysis period.
  • Free efficiency report with a value of €2,500.
  • Detailed report to optimize your profit.
  • Your data safely stored, only used for the report.
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