What does a Trader do? 
Bulkio is an online matching platform for bulk transports. The highly automated platform is often able to find a suitable carrier on its own, but sometimes it's not. That's where you come to the rescue! You won't stop until the transport is sold successfully. Where there's a will there's a way. After the sell you also monitor the transports' performance. Of course all transports run smoothly under your supervision. 

You like:

  • searching for and closing the best deals with European carriers
  • to get the best sales figures
  • negotiations: ''special price for you''
  • detecting and solving problems 

You need:

  • an exceptional talent for trading
  • adaptability in a fast growing environment
  • the skill to quickly make new friends
  • to perform under pressure
  • to be fluent in Dutch and English
  • full-time availability

You get:

  • money of course
  • a crash course in bulk logistics
  • 29,5 vacation days and a decent pension
  • fancy Bulkio sportswear 
  • to work in a start-up company with a young team
  • to revolutionize the world of bulk transport

Can’t wait to get started? Let us know. Send your CV and spot on motivation to