Early adopter Transportes Menendez

Transportes Menendez is a transport company based in Gijón, Spain. They are specialized in the transport of powdered and granulated bulk products throughout all Europe. More than 55 years of experience in transporting bulk goods have allowed them to become a leading expert in the petrochemical industry. And with their 70 tanks they are always on the move.

Of course when you are operating in a business for that many years you'll see some things change. According to Transportes Menendez one of the biggest challenges at the moment is the lack of qualified drivers. They are hard to find. The qualified drivers that exist should be optimally used. All the more reason to avoid driving empty miles. 

At the very beginning Transportes Menendez started using Bulkio. They were one of the platform's early adopters. Why they started using Bulkio? ''Our experiences with Bulkio have always been positive. Bulkio is an improvement to our work because they help us prevent empty miles. Bulkio's platform has become a part of our every day job. We look at it multiple times a day'', Manuel Menendez says. 

Hassle free
The platform is designed in a way that is clear for every user. You are only three clicks away from your personalized transport offers. Bid on the ones that are suitable for you and optimize your planning by driving less empty miles. Transportes Menendez agrees with the fact that it's practical and clear. ''It's easy to learn how to use it. We are very happy with our collaboration.''