Bulkio through the mill

An online platform for bulk logistic. Don’t all the big guys already have such a platform? There are indeed other platforms active in transport, but Bulkio is different from others. Bulkio specializes in bulk transport, so not in pallets or boxes. And in that specialized market of bulk we are already a big boy! Also, unlike other platforms, Bulkio is not a marketplace or auction for transportation. Bulkio actively searches for a suitable carrier for each transport by using smart algorithms.

You respond to trends in logistics. What are these trends? Platforms on themselves are an incredibly relevant trend in the logistics. Just think about the number of platforms you use on vacation. Good chance your airline ticket, hotel, taxi and restaurant were all booked through a platform. The underlying trend is data. A home delivery service platform is distinguished by the data that is available. Think of delivery time, reviews and foreseeable costs. Exactly as in bulk transport.

You want to conquer logistic Europe from Erp. How are you going to do that? Just now we are trading for an American multinational a transport from Ukraine to Germany. The transport is carried out by a carrier from Lithuania. It is great to be able to organize this in an international world. If you want to operate in Europe, you can do this from Erp. The people are bilingual, have digital talents and work hard. 

You are a subsidiary from Erp’s transport giant Van den Bosch. Are you not afraid that soon you will not be able to say or decide any yourself? Subsidiary is an apt name. Bulkio is a subsidiary which will continue independently. Van den Bosch helped Bulkio grow by placing many transports on the platform. Van den Bosch always gave us advice but also space to be independent. However, to be successful we serve the interests of all the users on the platform.

Source: Bedrijvig Meierijstad, October 2021