A long-term partnership based on transparency and trust

ROMI is an international transport service provider, with 27 years on the market and represented in 18 European countries, you could conclude they have a lot of experience with regards to international transportation.

We spoke to Pawel Rutkowski, employed at ROMI. Pawel holds the position of Senior Planner Dry Bulk Logistics. The collaboration between ROMI and Bulkio, formerly FreightMatch, has been going on for more than 13 years. Twan Hubers, working at Bulkio as a Trader, for over 12 years now, is Pawel’s most trusted business partner. “I vividly remember our first steps on the early versions of the FreightMatch platform and subsequent iterations”, Pawel says.

Valuable collaboration
Pawel highlights the collaboration with Bulkio as ‘exceptionally positive’. “We value the efficiency, transparency, and reliability that Bulkio brings to our logistics operations.” The collaboration between ROMI and Bulkio is very valuable because  it has already managed to withstand some setbacks as the aftereffects of the economic crisis from 2008, the COVID pandemic, war in Ukraine and inflationary issues. Trust and focus on a long-term partnership are fundamental in this collaboration. 

In the current market, every organisation is facing challenges. “The biggest challenge today is the fluctuating demand and supply chain disruptions, both of which affect our logistics operations”, Pawel says. “An example is the significant cost increases at every operational level. Clients often demand price flexibility, but is it essential to realise that the era of cost reduction has passed. We all experience difficulties due to toll fees, rising social costs, driver salary pressures, uncertainty in the oil market.” What is needed in such a market is a trusted collaboration and transparency.

Bulkio as a trusted partner
“Our experience with the Bulkio platform has been excellent. It has a user-friendly interface and advanced features have streamlined our logistics processes, improving our overall efficiency.” But the traditional way of doing business is not faded away: “I prefer the traditional form of collaboration with fixed clients and direct order exchange with selected carriers”, Pawel says. “However, Bulkio as a portal is beneficial for exchange of information, order monitoring and document management.”

Bulkio Connect(ed)
ROMI is one of the carriers that wanted to make things easier for themselves. They are one the carriers that is connected via Bulkio Connect. That means they are linked to Bulkio with their own on-board computers. This gives Bulkio quick live insight into the status of orders ROMI is performing for Bulkio. That results in the offering of new orders faster the moment the truck is empty. „I think the integration of GPS with our vehicles during an order execution is a big plus”, says Pawel. They have been using Bulkio Connect for some time, saving them a lot of time by eliminating manual work and getting paid faster.

ROMI is a valuable carrier, for whom we always make sure to meet their needs and expectations. “The platform consistently meets our expectations, offering a reliable and effective solution for our logistics needs. We are highly satisfied with Bulkio”, Pawel explains. “Our mutual contentment is evident in occasional meetings at transport fairs or even privately at the company. We hope for our collaboration to continue without disruptions and a progressively better year.”