Less empty

With Bulkio connect you get:

  • Bulkio-connect-devices (powered by Xeelas) for placement on every single trailer
  • Access to the Bulkio connect portal, to track and trace your trailers online
  • Personalized transport job suggestions
  • No hassle, your feedback is automatically uploaded
  • Surcharges are calculated automatically and paid within 14 days
  • Total control over the data you share:

execution data only personalized transport suggestions

Try Bulkio Connect for free

No investment | No monthly subscription | No telecom costs

If the trailer executes one Bulkio transport job per month (if not, a monthly subscription of € 8,75)


It is a terrible waste to see all those empty bulk trailers on the road. Empty miles lead to high operational costs. We know, it is hard to find the perfect jobs for your equipment. Equipment is moving around constantly. And finding a transport job that matches your needs, will cost you a lot of time. Bulkio is here to help. With us, finding bulk shipments is finally possible. You will prevent empty miles, high costs and a lot of hassle. A win for all.


What if Bulkio had insight into your empty trailers? Knowing where to find your available equipment, means Bulkio could easily match transports to trailers. Connecting to Bulkio, means connecting to a large European bulk network. Our highly automated system will match shipping jobs, to your possibilities. It will send you personalized job suggestions. Simply accept the best matching shipping job, and after the transport, you receive your payment quick