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We are a highly automated platform where shippers and carriers in bulk can find their match.

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bulk logistics

  • Free to use for shipper and carrier
  • Gateway to 800 verified and approved carriers and 25,000 annual shipments
  • Transportation is 100% guaranteed
  • Fast, secure payment – and automated for carriers


For shippers:

  1. Post your shipping job
  2. Bulkio selects and matches your shipping order to the best carrier for the job
  3. Follow transport → Job done → Shipment delivered

For carriers:

  1. Specify your available equipment and requests
  2. Bulkio selects and matches the best shipping order for your available equipment
  3. Job done → Payment made to your account

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Zero hassle
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Bulkio is a bulk transport matching service. A unique platform; we connect shipping jobs to available equipment. This means reduced empty miles and better prices for both shipper and carrier. With Bulkio, everybody wins!

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Access the power of 80 parameters, an advanced algorithm, smart equipment and years of experience in bulk.

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Less empty miles for Cisternas Amarillo

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Early adopter Transportes Menendez

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